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HP Color Laserjet CP4025N Printer Driver


HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP4025n Printer Driver solution is the complete software solution intended for users who want more than just a basic driver.

HP Color Laserjet CP4025N Full Drivers and Software

HP Color Laserjet CP4025N

Windows Driver Details

This is the full software solution for the HP Color LaserJet CP4020/CP4520 series printers. The download file includes all software and drivers necessary to enable printing, as well as documentation.

Driver Name: HP Color Laserjet CP4025N Windows Driver
Adding: 21 Oct 2014
File Name: HP_CLJ_CP4020_CP4520_Installer_AM.exe (59 MB)
Version: 1.0

Compatible Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 64-Bit Edition
Microsoft Windows XP x64
Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 W32
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64
Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

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Macintosh Driver Details

IMPORTANT NOTE: “This firmware version installs code signing verification functionality. Firmware signed by HP guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the code; meaning that the firmware was produced by HP (authenticity) and that the firmware has not been altered in any way (integrity).”

ATTENTION: Once this firmware has been applied to your printer or multifunction device it CANNOT BE DOWNGRADED to a version of firmware earlier than 20120112 07.111.0.

BACKGROUND: It is important to note that Code Signing Verification functionality has been provided with this version of firmware and will be provided with all future versions of firmware, therefore, the ability to downgrade to a previous version of firmware no longer exists.

The Readme file provides specific installation instructions and other information you should know before you perform a firmware update for your HP Color LaserJet Series printer. Installation instructions are provided for Single and Multiple Printer Updates.

This document provides specific update, installation and troubleshooting information. For additional information on the device features, refer to the online user guide found on the Windows Printing System Installer CD-ROM that came with your printer or at hp.com.

What is included in a Remote Firmware Update (RFU)?
The HP Color LaserJet Printer Remote Firmware Update file available from the hp web site contains firmware for the printer, embedded JetDirect (if applicable), HP paper handling accessories used with the device in one convenient download file. When the Remote Firmware Upgrade file is sent to the HP Color LaserJet Printer firmware for the engine and all connected accessories are upgraded.

Who needs this firmware?
Similar to Hewlett Packard providing improved software for your HP Color LaserJet Printer, Hewlett Packard provides firmware updates for your printer periodically through its supported lifecycle. A firmware update may be necessary if it is determined that you may benefit from the resolution of any issue that is documented below. These updates are available on the HP support web site. Determining the current version level of your firmware To determine the current level of firmware installed on the device:
1. Go to the printer’s control panel.
2. Press the Ok or home button.
3. Use the arrow keys and select the “INFORMATION” selection on the control panel.
4. Use the arrow keys and select the “PRINT CONFIGURATION” selection. Then press Ok.

On the printed CONFIGURATION page, look in the section marked “Device Information” for the firmware date code. The firmware date code will look something like this: 20090915 06.072.0.

Driver name: HP Color Laserjet CP4025N Mac Driver
Adding: (25 Jul 2014)
File name: cljCP4525_fw_07_164_1.zip (40 MB)
Version: 07.164.1

Compatible Operating Systems:
Mac OS X 10.6
Mac OS X 10.7
Mac OS X 10.8
Mac OS X 10.9

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